« Definitely the craziest catch of my life »

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Definitely the craziest catch of my life, took me almost ten minutes to get this pig through the ice on my panfish setup. #catchandrelease

John from the Fishing Free For All Facebook Group

This first winner of the all-new Karl’s Catch Of The Week contest goes to John from New York for landing this monster rainbow trout through the ice on a finesse rod built to handle panfish. Catching a hard-fighting rainbow on tackle that light must be nerve-wracking because everything can go wrong with one wrong move. Kudos to John for keeping his cool and playing things out before flopping that behemoth topside. Also, good on him for releasing the trophy-caliber trout back into the lake for someone else to catch.

As a prize, we’re going to hook John a few top-tier trout lures from Karl’s to set him up for the next adventure. To enter the next contest, join the Fishing Free For All Facebook group and share a recent fish catch with the group using the hashtag #KarlsCatch.

We don’t need the GPS coordinates of where you’re catching fish, but details to go along with your picture is an easy way to increase your chances of winning. Things you can include: Fishing depth, lures or rigs used, or a memorable moment from the catch.

What Is Karl’s Catch Of The Week?

#KarlsCatch is a fishing contest meant to celebrate the best catches from Karl’s community of anglers. All species, anglers, and fish tales are welcome. The panel of judges is a group of fishing fanatics who factor in more than just size dimensions when picking weekly winners.

How To Enter The Karl’s Catch Contest

  • Join the Fishing Free For All Facebook Group
  • Post a picture and story of a fish you caught using the hashtag #KarlsCatch
  • Wait to be selected! Winners will be announced every week!
  • Winning anglers will receive gear to help them target their favorite species

Questions?: Email [email protected] and ask for Tim

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