Newest Googan Squad Soft Plastic Announced, It’s A Lizard

new googan baits lizard.jpg

Rob Terkla of the Googan Squad showed off the new Googan Squad soft plastic lizard with his Instagram audience on Friday, January 21st, 2022. The price point and pack count have not been made clear, but we can confirm that the lizard is loaded with features and appears similar in size to the original Zoom version.

Just like their jigs, rods, crankbaits, and topwater frogs, the Googan Squad harnessed craftiness and industry knowledge to press a unique stamp on a classic fishing product. Building the bait around a segmented body style should enable more articulated movements and a wider range of motion according to Rob. This refined look to the traditional lizard should set the Googan version apart on the shelves and in the water.

We’re not quite sure when the Googan Lizard will be ready for purchase, but we do know they will be at Karl’s Bait & Tackle the second they become available.

The reasoning for the articulating joints is easy to see on our new @googanbaits lizard. We set the new standard for bait design. Out with the old and in with the new 👊“- Rob Terkla via Instagram
The new Googan Baits soft plastic lizard sitting side by side with the original Zoom version.

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