The 5 Best Ways To Rig A Soft Plastic Craw (Video)

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For good reason, soft plastic craws are among the most popular bass fishing lures. Craws are one of the most predominant types of forage for bass and soft plastic craws can be fished in many different ways. In this video, TightLineTV breaks down his top 5 ways to rig a soft plastic craw!

Let’s Take A Deeper Dive At The 5 Ways To Rig A Crawfish Soft Plastic:

1) EWG Hook

Texas Rigging a craw bait on an Extra Wide Gap hook allows you to fish your baits through heavy cover like grass, wood, docks, and rocks. Pair your Texas-rigged EWG with a light jig head to allow the craw bait to fall slowly to the bottom while the legs slowly dangle. Adjust your weight depending on current, depth, and cover but most people use weights ranging anywhere from 1/8-3/4 oz.

2) Shaky Head Jig

Crawfish nestle themselves in between rocks and hardbottom areas and you can easily mimic their action with a shaky head jig and craw-style soft plastic. Generally, shaky heads are best fished in water that ranges deeper than 10 feet and when fish feed on the bottom.

3) Flipping & Punching Rig

Heavy braided line, beefy tungsten bullet weights, and a craw bait is the basic starter pack for punching grass mats for largemouth bass. Using a slender creature bait with minimal appendages works best in thick grass when you need your bait to slide through any potential hang-ups.

On A Skirted Jig

Sliding a craw bait on the back of a skirted bass jig is an easy way to bulk up your presentation with a realistic profile. As you drag, hop, or swim the jig back to you, the baits appendages will be kicking, swimming, flapping back and forth. This action will help mimic both crawfish when worked near the bottom, or baitfish when it’s brought back with a steady retrieve.

Bladed Jigs (Chatterbait)

Most anglers might choose the classic chatterbait trailer like the Yamamoto Zako or the 10,000 Fish Yoto Worm. However, soft baits like the BioSpawn VileCrawalso put off an enticing action.

Karl’s Favorite Craw Baits

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