All You Need To Know About The Z-Man Jerk ShadZ

jerkshadz z man.jpg

There is no match when it comes to the jerk bait game. Every detail, down to the scent, is covered greatly when crafting this bait. Fish the Z-man Scented Jerk ShadZ as erratically as possible. You want to imitate a dying baitfish, which will do the trick. Each pack comes with five Jerk ShadZ that measure five inches from nose to tail.

Ways To Rig The Z-Man Jerk ShadZ

  • Texas Rig
  • Carolina Rig
  • Drop Shot
  • Weightless
  • On A Jighead

Anglers Review The Z-Man Jerk ShadZ

These are quickly replacing my zoom flukes. The action is very erratic and easily manipulated to get those reaction bites. If I had to nitpick the bait is so stretchy and tear resistant it can make rigging and unrigging a bit of a pain. But when your not having to change bait constantly it really makes up for that.


Very durable was able to catch lots of smallmouth and walleye.


It works decent for a good bit of bass on these


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